The Ultimate Weekend Guide to Newport, Rhode Island

Summertime at Newport is magic. Sailboats, sunshine, and also the sea – it just doesn’t get better. We’re lucky enough to live only a hop, skip, and a jump away from the stunning city by the ocean, or so the amount of times we’re asked to our must-dos because pretty little area is countless. Well, as a result of Erin McGinn‘s picture perfect graphics I will now have all of my replies in one sweet spot. Xo, Abby Capalbo

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This Fashion Blogger Found Out She Was Expecting a Year Into Planning Her Wedding!

If you follow fashion writer, Mackenzie Bay, you know she has the best sense of fashion soit should come as no surprise that her wedding turned into a gem.  Outstanding Occasions guided her along with her hubs in the preparation process, and happily so, because they found out they were expecting a baby boy about a year into planning. Is there a better wedding present than this tiny guy? I think not! See it all unfold below with vision out of Rachel Solomon.

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