Dark Disney

>> If you’re a real Disney aficionado, then it’s ’s not only the saccharine colour schemes, the joyful clap-trap songs and love-and-beauty-will-prevail sentiment that makes you going.  You have to enjoy the villains, the weird and the truly potentially tripping-on-something vibes that Disney movies can give off.  And so in Coach’s newest alliance with Disney, in continuation of the tie-up with the most American of icons, matters grow into a “Dark Fairy Tale”, and mostly center around the older and for me, most haunting films – Snow White and also the Seven Dwarves along with Sleeping Beauty.  More frequently than not, in my head the Evil Queen and Maleficent merged into a pointy-faced, high cheekboned, purple eye-shadow sporting hybrid.  Happily no snarling villainesses attribute in the group.  Merely a poisoned apple, a few wicked eyes and a gothic font that spell out “Dopey” or ” Sleepy”, in addition to the painterly trippy scapes of these early Disney movies, when wallpapers were impressionistic.  They feature as spots on Coach’s stable collecgtion of Rogues, Dinky’s, bags and revived Coach touch emblem duffles, in addition to intarsia knits, t-shirts, parkas along with hoodies, suitably sloganned for those days if you need to completely tug on the drawstring toggles.

Coach x Disney dream scape knit and Patchwork Rogue 25 tote , Coach pink satin trousers worn with Rachel Comey earrings and Mansur Gavriel vases

Coach x Disney poisoned apple cider and Patchwork Rogue 25 tote , Coach pink satin trousers and Coach pre-fall 2018 shearling coat worn by Mansur Gavriel vases

Coach x Disney M65 jacket and Signature

Patchwork Duffle 12 bag worn with Coach pre-fall 2018 flowery dress and lace-up boots

Coach x Disney Dopey Hoodie along with Purple Patches Dinky worn with Coach pre-fall 2018 floral apparel and lace-up boots

Coach x Disney Sleepy Hoodie and Spooky Eyes Duffle 20 Bags  worn with athlete pre-fall 2018 floral gown and lace-up boots

This post is part of a continuing partnership with Coach

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