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Clean Breakfast Bowl

Clean Breakfast Bowl, Vanessa Luiisa, VanessaLuiisa,

Eat clean. This is the concept of food that I am currently trying to archive. My biggest fear with facing clean eating was breakfast. My breakfast usually contained Nutella and bread and basically everything with sugar. But I kind of made it and since then my favorite food ever is this clean breakfast bowl. It is super easy and extremely delicious. What I also like about it is that it is super adjustable depending on your food favorites. If there is...

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Grey on Grey Outfit

Grey on Grey

Grey. Well I believed in the middle of May Spring would have arrived but I guess I was wrong. I also believed there would be no more outfits where I would wear a massive scarf and be cuddled in tight. I was wrong there too. But we just have to deal with that weather, don't we? So I decided to go in a grey and grey look to match the weather. We were having a really nice walk and picnic on...

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Fashion meets Food Blogger Parade

Who says Fashion and Food don't go together? Well I believe they go together pretty well. I would describe my blog or maybe more my Instagram feed to be a really good example on how fashion meets food works. The reason why I am pointing that out is that the Blogger Look of the Year Award is going to be hosted by HashMag in Hamburg for the first time. And it is not only going to be about fashion. On...

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Spring Energy Boost Drink, Food Mood,

Spring Energy Boost Drink

Energy. We all need energy that is not a big secret. Especially in the warmer month I don't like drinking coffee that much so I needed something that gives me a cold energy boost or better a spring energy boost. This is the reason why I came up with this easy recipe. I don't even think you can call this a recipe because it is that easy. But I called it my Spring Energy Boost Drink. And to the energy...

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Haul, Collective Haul, VanessaLuiisa, Vanessa Luisa

Collective Haul

Haul. As most of you know I have been to New York City and been shopping there a lot. In the time before the trip and after I went shopping crazy. This is the reason why I decided to film my first video - ever - and show you all the items in a collective haul. I am more than nervous to show you this video. Please bare with me. I am really excited that you will finally get to...

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Outfit Snapback Bonnie

Oh Bonnie, I’m addicted to you

Moments. As you all know from my past articles I spent a weekend in South Tyrol. On the last day we decided to shoot an outfit. This outfit really made me happy especially with this scenery. Is there anything more beautiful than nature? I really can't find anything. I could have sat there for hours and just stared at the mountains. I never felt like I was the kind of girl who can pull of that "Bonnie" Snapback but suddenly...

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Spring Look Inspiration

Inspiration – Ready for Spring Look

Spring. Spring is approaching and I can definitely say that I am ready for it. Since I am so looking forward to warm weather with a slight breeze that carries the scent of flowers with it I decided to bring spring to the blog. This feeling inspired me to show you my spring favorites in this look. You can never go wrong with wearing nice ripped blue jeans combined with a striped blouse. I found these Jeans on Bik Bok...

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