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I’m moving – Living Room


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Living Room. This room is not an actual room since my two-room apartment just has (ironically) two rooms. One of them is my bedroom, which you can see here, and in the other room is my workspace, entrance, kitchen and dining area. I really love my place and think of more than just two rooms. I think in areas that are separated. Most of my apartment is the kitchen area which you will see probably really soon (or...

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Get to know me TAG VanessaLuiisa

Get to know me TAG – Video

More information. Yes, you will get more information about me and get to know me. I filmed another video because it is always easier to learn something about someone via video rather than a text. I can write a lot but my facial expressions and gesture will say a lot more about who I am. I am an absolute lover of TAGs. They are so much fun to watch because everyone has a different view on certain topics. So I...

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give me a break bomber jacket outfit

Give me a break

Literally. Give me a break. Currently everything gets a little bit too much! The last couple of months have changed me so much that I am really struggling with knowing who I am and what I want in life. It's not that I have too much to do. That is something that doesn't stresses me out at all. I love to be busy. I love to have a really huge to do list. I hate the feeling when my life...

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Red Lentils Curry with Quinoa, Food Mood

Red Lentils Curry with Quinoa

Less meat. I try to eat healthy. Yes, I try. There are days which go better than others. But in the end it just counts that I eat healthy most of the time. I am also trying to eat less meat because I feel better about myself if I don't eat it everyday. So I try to find recipes that are meatless. On this search I found out how amazing this red lentils curry is. It is also so easy...

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Happy Birthday Turning 22 Birthday 22

Happy Birthday or I am 22

Birthday 22. I am such a lover of birthdays. Especially my own. Is this selfish? Well I don't know and to be honest I don't care because I freaking love this day. I plan so much ahead and usually can't wait until the calendar shows the 25th of May. This year it was different. I turned 22 and for me I am now officially an adult. Until 21 everything sounded so cute and sweet but 22 is so "you have to be...

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Clean Breakfast Bowl, Vanessa Luiisa, VanessaLuiisa,

Clean Breakfast Bowl

Eat clean. This is the concept of food that I am currently trying to archive. My biggest fear with facing clean eating was breakfast. My breakfast usually contained Nutella and bread and basically everything with sugar. But I kind of made it and since then my favorite food ever is this clean breakfast bowl. It is super easy and extremely delicious. What I also like about it is that it is super adjustable depending on your food favorites. If there is...

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Grey on Grey Outfit

Grey on Grey

Grey. Well I believed in the middle of May Spring would have arrived but I guess I was wrong. I also believed there would be no more outfits where I would wear a massive scarf and be cuddled in tight. I was wrong there too. But we just have to deal with that weather, don't we? So I decided to go in a grey and grey look to match the weather. We were having a really nice walk and picnic on...

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