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Pure Solitude

Pure Solitude Ootd Outfit How to be alone

Loneliness. There is something about being lonely. I always appreciate time for myself. Creativity flows best at those times. I am not afraid of solitude. Spending time with me and only me is something I can feel blessed about.  I sit there, in the quiet, my mind goes crazy about new ideas, new projects, new versions of myself. Trying to always express myself in a different way. This solitude makes me feel ok. There is a strong affection for solitude I love being...

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Energy Balls Energy Bites Raw Vegan Simple Recipe

Energy Bites – Raw & Vegan

Snacks. Sometimes I have a huge craving for sweets. Since most of the sweet things contain a lot of added sugar I needed an alternative. Recently I informed myself a lot about clean eating. The internet is full about it right now and it seems like a huge trend in the food world. I really like this trend and already talked about it in this post (HERE). After trying to find snack alternatives that are sweet, chocolatey but give me...

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Shopping Ban no new clothes no shopping

Shopping Ban – No new clothes

Shopping Ban. As a woman I love shopping. I could go shopping everyday. Buy new clothes, new shoes, new handbags, buy everything. It is an addiction. And I hate it. Every month I spend way too much money on stuff that I don't need. I need a shopping ban. Isn't it kind of ironic to hear that from a more or less fashion blogger? I am 100% sure that I will still be able to post outfits that you have...

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Lace-up Blouse Shorts Outfit Look with Lace-up

Lace-up Blouse meets casual Shorts

Casual. Easy going looks with a twist are my favorite when it comes to fashion. I bought this lace-up blouse in May when I was completely obsessed with the lace-up trend. I think I might have an addiction. Currently I am already counting way too many lace-up shirt, blouses, sweaters and I feel like they get more and more on a daily basis. But that is why addictions are so tough and hard to break through, you always need to get more....

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How to start blogging start to blog fashion blog

How to: start blogging

Blogging. I am definitely not considering myself a pro in terms of blogging but I am blogging for quite a while. I guess with that I can give everyone who wants to start blogging a few helpful tips. I really thought about it a lot. What are the tips I needed before starting a blog? I will divide this article in two different ones. This one is mainly about starting the blog. What do you need to know before making...

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Dinner Date Look Coco Chanel Tweed Jacket Outfit

Dinner Date in my Tweed Jacket

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]Dinner Date. I love going out for Dinner, Lunch or any kind of occasion to eat. Even if it's just casual I love dressing nicely. This time it was not super sunny and hot but not cold either so I went with my tweed jacket. It reminds me of that iconic Coco Chanel jacket. I really enjoy wearing simple looks. They are comfortable, easy going and effortless. Before heading to dinner, we went to the Lake Starnberg for a walk and...

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Moving Story Interior Scandinavian Design All white Living Workspace Office

I’m moving – Workspace

Moving. This will be my last "I'm moving" - post. I am really sad about this. There will be more interior articles but the next moving post will probably be happening in 2 years when I am finished with university and move out of my very first apartment. I am so happy about my apartment and how everything turned out even tough I am not as often in the apartment as I wished before. One of my main places in...

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Maxi Dress Backless Palm Leaves Hibiscus Summer Outfit Adhesive Bra

Summer Essential: Palm Leaf Maxi Dress

Maxi dress. Finally the summer arrived in Munich and I can enjoy my semester break to the fullest. I literally spent the last three days lying outside sunbathing and enjoying that glorious weather. Summer was never the perfect season for me but since the last year I am really loving this hot weather. Maybe it has something to do that I have had last and this years summer off. Occasionally there are a few obligations like birthday parties. Yesterday was...

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column Modeblog Personal Text about Life, Trust, Love Vertrauen

Es ist schwer zu vertrauen

This column is only available in German. Vertrauen. Es ist schwer. Schwer sein Herz zu öffnen und eine fremde Person in die tiefen seiner Gedanken eintauchen zu lassen. Es macht mich verwundbar. Es macht mich zerbrechlich. Ich öffne mich komplett und davor habe ich Angst. Ich bin keine Person, die nicht gerne neue Leute kennenlernt oder mit ihnen spricht. Im Gegenteil, ich liebe es. Neue Persönlichkeiten in meinem Leben inspirieren mich, faszinieren mich und motivieren mich. Jeder Mensch hat eine Geschichte und...

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