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Summer Essential: Palm Leaf Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress Backless Palm Leaves Hibiscus Summer Outfit Adhesive Bra

Maxi dress. Finally the summer arrived in Munich and I can enjoy my semester break to the fullest. I literally spent the last three days lying outside sunbathing and enjoying that glorious weather. Summer was never the perfect season for me but since the last year I am really loving this hot weather. Maybe it has something to do that I have had last and this years summer off. Occasionally there are a few obligations like birthday parties. Yesterday was...

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column Modeblog Personal Text about Life, Trust, Love Vertrauen

Es ist schwer zu vertrauen

This column is only available in German. Vertrauen. Es ist schwer. Schwer sein Herz zu öffnen und eine fremde Person in die tiefen seiner Gedanken eintauchen zu lassen. Es macht mich verwundbar. Es macht mich zerbrechlich. Ich öffne mich komplett und davor habe ich Angst. Ich bin keine Person, die nicht gerne neue Leute kennenlernt oder mit ihnen spricht. Im Gegenteil, ich liebe es. Neue Persönlichkeiten in meinem Leben inspirieren mich, faszinieren mich und motivieren mich. Jeder Mensch hat eine Geschichte und...

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Muscle Tee and Stripes like Sporty Spice outfit

Muscle Tee and Stripes like Sporty Spice

Sporty. First of all this article has nothing to do with the spice girls. The title rhymes with it and it's a sporty look. That's all they have in common. I have noticed that I have more winter and fall looks up on here than actual summer looks. So yesterday when we were at a park I decided to shoot this outfit for you guys. I love muscle tees and stripes in combination. It always works and is such an...

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Recipe for a simple snack Smoked Salmon Spinach Roll

Smoked Salmon Spinach Roll

Smoked Salmon Spinach Roll. It is time for another recipe. I really got into cooking. It doesn't always have to be a hot meal. Especially in summer I don't always want to eat something warm for dinner. Specifically when I am still full from lunch I rather have a little snack. In the last days I looked through the internet and found this recipe. First I thought it looks not that delicious but on the second look I decided to...

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No makeup Nude Look Beauty Tutorial

No makeup – Nude Look

Makeup. We love it. We hate it. Usually I don't leave the house without putting makeup on just because it makes me feel better. I am way more productive after getting ready and conturing my face. So this nude look is a little bit out of my comfort zone. Actually I enjoyed wearing it. It felt so light. The good thing about less makeup is that you need less time to put it on. I smudge my concealer with the beauty...

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Bomber jacket Rooftop Outfit Sunshine

Rooftop Sunshine in my bomber jacket

Bomber Jackets. I never thought that I would be a bomber jacket kind of girl. Lately bomber jackets are such a big thing in the fashion world. At least I feel like they are everywhere. On every blog, in every fashion magazine, on the streets - EVERYWHERE. They are haunting me and I love it. I showed you in this "Give me a break"-article one way of combining one of those amazing jackets. This time I made it simpler, more casual....

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I’m moving – Living Room

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Living Room. This room is not an actual room since my two-room apartment just has (ironically) two rooms. One of them is my bedroom, which you can see here, and in the other room is my workspace, entrance, kitchen and dining area. I really love my place and think of more than just two rooms. I think in areas that are separated. Most of my apartment is the kitchen area which you will see probably really soon (or...

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Get to know me TAG VanessaLuiisa

Get to know me TAG – Video

More information. Yes, you will get more information about me and get to know me. I filmed another video because it is always easier to learn something about someone via video rather than a text. I can write a lot but my facial expressions and gesture will say a lot more about who I am. I am an absolute lover of TAGs. They are so much fun to watch because everyone has a different view on certain topics. So I...

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give me a break bomber jacket outfit

Give me a break

Literally. Give me a break. Currently everything gets a little bit too much! The last couple of months have changed me so much that I am really struggling with knowing who I am and what I want in life. It's not that I have too much to do. That is something that doesn't stresses me out at all. I love to be busy. I love to have a really huge to do list. I hate the feeling when my life...

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